|Formosan Business Support Co. Ltd.
  • Market Research

Gain a preliminary understanding of the market potential, consumer behaviour and customer segments to decide if market entry is a good decision or not.

  • Joint Venture Consulting

We analyse if a joint venture is a feasible market entry strategy, shortlist potential partners and provide necessary legal and financial services.

  • Legal Consulting

We help you to navigate through the local regulations that are often open to interpretation.

  • Tax Consulting

We support you with local regulations to fully adhere to your international taxation strategy.

  • Strategy Consulting

We support your strategic planning with advantageous insights based on industry analysis, competitor analysis and market trend developments.

  • Big Data & Digital Transformation

We help you to make use of the hidden potential in data that is already existent in your company to increase efficiencies, save costs and support managerial decision making.

  • Road Map Development

Applying state of the art knowledge from the realm of predictive modelling and scenario planning, we can create a project road map for your strategy to ensure feasibility.