|Formosan Business Support Co. Ltd.
  • Translation

A help-hand to build a smooth communication and cultural understanding among different mentalities is a must. Besides offering translation services for important documents, we also offer simultaneous live translation during conferences, business meetings and web posting PR. Our specialty is to cover a complete localization of the message you want to share with the local market and help you interacting with your customers and audience.

  • Company Foundation

The rules of company foundation are different from country to country. Let us help you to save time and energy on this issue during this period.

  • Local Representative Office

To be successful in the local market, companies require to be locally present. We can take care of that for you and act as your agent in your best interest.

  • Legal Support Service

After arriving in Formosa / Taiwan you need to handle some documents in the local language, for example your driving license, taxation, accounting, visa of stay, phone and internet contract and many other things. We make sure with our own lawyer that you are on the legal site of the fence.

  • Exhibition / Event Support

Besides taking care of local logistics we can also fully present your company either in our booth collectively with other companies or exclusively within your own booth.

  • Business Trip Arrangement

We arrange a reasonable schedule for your business trip to make the journey worthwhile.

  • Relocation Service

We help your team to move to a new country without unnecessary issues and difficulties.