|Formosan Business Support Co. Ltd.
  • Project Facilitation and Stakeholder Management

Taking the role of facilitators, we are able to bridge the (cultural) gaps between different stakeholder groups and to coordinate their activities to make projects possible that requires many contributors.

  • Project Funding

We help you to raise capital for projects, for example joint ventures, by tapping on our vast networks to regional banks, funds and business angels.

  • Local Supplier Sourcing

Acting as intermediaries in the selection process, our quality requirements created a pool of trustworthy local suppliers to guarantee you a value chain of full satisfaction.

  • Recruitment and Training

We find the right people for you and train them to feel confident in their ability to meet safety, quality and efficiency standards.

  • Project Controlling

Applying a rigorous controlling cockpit to the local market, we enable you staying in charge during all phases of a project.

  • Maintenance Controlling

We ensure that maintenance fulfils all standards of effectiveness and efficiency to avoid unnecessary costs.

  • Cross-Cultural Training

For Western companies, one big problem in doing business in Asia is cultural differences. We can train international managers and employees for smoothly working in cross-cultural settings.