Starting from 2020, Taiwan will start closing the last remaining gaps to do simply export business to Taiwan’s energy industry. Regardless of offshore wind, tidal and wave power a degree of localisation is required to legally operate in Taiwanese waters. Therefore, FBS starts to take steps to support the industry with merger and acquisition. #2020 #localisation #maritimesupport #FDI #companymerger #companyacquisition #offshorerenewables

Taiwan Shipowner Company for Sale|Formosan Business Support Co. Ltd.

Taiwan Shipowner Company for Sale

in Formosan News

Asking Price: USD 30 million

Location: Taiwan


The company owns a vessel fleet, including crew, repair and maintenance. Vessels have local Taiwan flag and local CR class, tug boats capable for far-shore works, guard vessels and DP2 vessel.


Warehousing for equipment and short / long-term storage:

The company owns warehouse, which is at the same time a trading company mainly for spare-parts:

  • In- and outdoor
  • own crane and forklift service for heavy equipment
  • air-conditioning
  • guard and locking service including CCTV surveillance


ISM & Certificate: Yes


Interested parties shall contact FBS directly:

On behalf of our client, we will collect and sort out all applicants.

It might be in the interest to know that this firm has develop its own independent eco-system, which is 100% self-sustaining in over two decades time.


If you have any questions, kindly e-mail us at info@formosanbs.com .