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Basic Information of Geothermal Power in Taiwan

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Since 1987, there have been 34 geothermal wells drilled by state-owned petroleum company CPC Co. around the island. Then, Cingshuei Geothermal Power Plant was built but the project was abolished due to increasing inefficiency in 1993. The challenge of the project was water from shallow geothermal with strong acid and minerals to damage or block the pipelines. Hopefully, the power plant was re-opened with updated technology in 2012.

The potential reserves of geothermal energy is looked up to 30 GW. A power generation target has been set with 200 MW in 2025. There are more than 5 hot potential zones which including Tatun Volcano Group of northern Taiwan, I-Lan Plain of NE Taiwan, Lu-Shan area of Central Taiwan and Hua-Tung area of eastern Taiwan ext. Currently, it has ever electricity supplied with geothermal yet.



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