• What is Formosan Business Support Co. Ltd. (FBS)?

    FBS is a business service provider focused on the renewable energy industry. Our customers are companies in the process of entering, building a branch or Asian headquarter in Taiwan (Ilha Formosa). More information can be found in about us.

  • Why choosing the name Formosan Business Support?

    These geographic of the island Taiwan were known as Ilha Formosa, originally named by a Portuguese ship crew in the 17th century. This Portuguese name was officially used by the Dutch East Indian Corporation and General Douglas Macarthur during World War II. We chose the name because it represents the original history of the island and reflects political neutrality.

  • Why did FBS enter the renewable market in 2018?

    First, we believe in technological progress and working for a purpose while being a driver for the renewable energy industry to solve pollution problems in Taiwan locally and contribute to the mitigation of climate change globally. From a business perspective and after many years of observing and working on inquiries from our clients (since 2016), and visiting European renewable energy events, workshops and courses, we feel confident that this industry will grow substantially in the upcoming years and we can apply our profound experience to serve our clients in this yet to build long-term profitable industry.

  • Where is FBS located?

    FBS is based in the South of Taiwan in the 3rd largest city, Kaohsiung. It is the biggest port of Illha Formosa and features an international airport.

  • How can FBS help in Korea and Japan?

    FBS has a diverse team with vast international expertise of conducting business activities in three continents encompassing Asia, Europe and America. Our senior team members do not only have the right experience but also possess important personal and professional networks in Korea (mainly Busan, Masan, Ulsan areas) and Japan (Tokyo, Osaka, Kobe). These exclusive and beneficial relations are all results from past and current projects.

  • What is the great advantage of hiring FBS?

    What our current clients say about the reason they chose us:

    • One convenient interface solution to expand the business in a foreign market
    • FBS being a partner with the right core competencies to serve this market
    • Less bureaucracy
    • Having physical representation without stretching own resources around the globe
    • Direct and unfiltered communication
    • Consultancy and market intelligence for further strategic planning
    • Full project control
    • Legal and document support
    • Taxation and financial support


  • How does FBS avoid conflict of interests?

    While FBS seems to offer itself to the industry, it works exclusive for its clients. Hence, we only accept one client in one vertical or one segment of the industry to avoid conflict of interest.

  • Does FBS also serve governments, large organizations and enterprises?

    Yes, there are some services like management advisory and competitive future analysis which might be in the interests of large conglomerates. For more information please check our service and consulting section.