Formosan Business Support Co. Ltd. (FBS) provides independent consulting and business support services for Taiwan’s offshore renewable industry energy market. We focus on the management, planning and execution of projects between local Taiwanese and international companies.

Offshore renewable energy is an emerging market in Taiwan and in 2019 the first offshore wind farm project, Formosa One, was successfully commissioned with the potential to provide power to over 128,000 homes.

Prior to Formosa One, there was no existing offshore renewable energy industry in Taiwan. In 2016, the government revised the Renewable Energy Development Act and began actively seeking the expertise of international developers to provide clean energy to Taiwan’s national grid. One of the government’s central goals is to develop a new local industry to implement and support future projects and provide new employment opportunities to its citizens.

Taiwan has perfect conditions on its west coast in the Taiwan Strait for offshore wind energy generation. There are also even greater opportunities on the east coast for tidal power development due to the strong currents found there.

If you are considering entering this exciting new market in Taiwan, Formosan Business Support can help you assess the viability of your product or service and then develop and execute an effective strategy. Our international team of experts has over 20 years of experience representing overseas companies coming to do business in Taiwan.

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Our Services

Formosan Business Support provides consulting and business support services for:

Market entry
Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) 
Administration and financial management support
Project management
Company registration and office setup
Representing your company at exhibitions and any other events



Our Team

 Charline Tsao, CEO and director of Formosan Business Support  Charline Tsao, CEO and Director

Charline holds an engineering degree from Taipei University of Technology and received her master's degree in global marketing from TiasNimbas in Utrecht, the Netherlands. She has 16 years of working experiences in global chemical engineering, 4G modem technology and manufacturing management. Charline is fluent in English, Chinese Mandarin and Taiwanese.


Director of International Project, Manuel Zehr. Manuel Zehr, General Manager of International Projects

Manuel majored in Japanese Management at the University of Applied Science in Bremen and later graduated with a major in Business Administration from Soochow University in Taipei. For over 14 years, he has gained a broad range of experience working in global business development and international project management in the shipping, logistics and manufacturing industry in Japan, Central Asia, South Korea and Greater China. Over the recent three years, he has been working as a management consultant for projects in the offshore, marine and energy industry. Manuel speaks English, German, Mandarin Chinese, Taiwanese, Japanese and Korean.


Dr. Faruchi Amini , PhD of future science FU Berlin Dr. Faruchi Amini, Phd of future Science FU Berlin, Project Division

Dr. Amini is Germany's first graduate in Future Analytical Science at FU Berlin. His analytical methods of predicting scenarios of future developments of projects, markets and products are essential to our organization and clients. Dr. Amini’s methods involve applying a science-based approach to select the best possible strategy for our clients.


EMBA Daniel Gruber, e-commerce and artificial intelligence expertDaniel Gruber, Daniel Gruber Consulting

Daniel brings a wealth of experience to our team. He previously had a successful start-up company which he managed for many years out of Singapore. He received his master degree in financial evaluation of projects and possibility studies.



FBS Partner Network

FBS has developed a strong partner network based on complimentary local expertise and mutual trust. 


Founded in Singapore in 2008 by Dr. Frank Siegfried, Black Moon is a company that specializes in management advisory & executive development in a cross-cultural context.



Daniel Nyffenberger is a Korea expert because he arrived in Seoul in the 90s shortly after the Asian economic crisis to establish an liaison office of a Swiss bank. Since Korea's economy is only built on its large industrial conglomerates ( 재벌 ), it is important to have a partner who understands this context.


Our History

2012:Formosan Business Support (FBS) was formerly known as Far-East Trading Agency and was first established to represent various European SMEs at international trade shows.
2013:FBS Supported Chandler GmbH by managing their project at the Hyundai Engineering and Construction Thermal Power Project in Talimarjan, Seoul.
2014:FBS represented InterMax Project Logistics Solutions in Taiwan and events in Europe.
2015:Formosan Business Support Co. Ltd. was officially founded, providing our services to a wide range of new clients.
2016:FBS began focusing on the demands of the new renewable energy industry emerging in Taiwan and there were many new international companies looking to do business here.


Client Testimonies

FBS has served multiple satisfied clients and successfully handled a wide range of projects.

You are welcome to listen to one our European client's testimony here.